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The Firm is crystallization of "Vision", which envisages "Formulating Strategy, Presenting Solutions and Achieving Success" in complex Legal environment for its Clients. The Firm boasts of its international Client base developed over a period of time through professional and practical advisory in legal and related areas.

The Firm's practice is divided into specialized groups with Corporate, Litigation and IPR being three major areas of practice.

Through circulation of researched Articles/Newsletters/Clients Updates covering latest business and regulatory developments, the Firm ensures that Clients are duly compliant to regulatory requirements and well informed to deal with emerging business situations and challenges.

The Firm facilitates availability of other services required to run the operations smoothly in India through associated service providers, namely Accounting, Tax and HR support services to its Clients. Through its own and offices of associated firms spread over whole of India, the Firm ensures that Clients receive services of same quality and efficiency even in remotest corner of the Country.

Through associated network of International law firms, the Firm ensures best possible advisory services and support to the Clients in their international operations. The reciprocal arrangement of the Firm with various International Firms ensures high value support at most economical terms and conditions to the Clients.

The Members of the Firm have been recognized globally for their legal acumen and ability to develop and execute strategies to achieve complex legal goals. The thoroughness of their knowledge and expertise in handling subject matters involving multiple jurisdictions have helped Clients in achieving astounding successes specially in complex international operations.

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